Refreshingly Simple – Highly-Effective

iStock_000003034940SmallAt Lead Capital Partners, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the continually changing investment landscape that has often been referred to as “the new normal”. This flexibility is reflected in refreshingly simple but highly-effective investment services that can be tailored to meet the exacting requirements of our esteemed clients.

We offer two core services, discretionary management and non-discretionary.

Discretionary Management

For many of those who elect to entrust Lead Capital Partners with stewardship of their investments, the actual time required to successfully manage and administer their investment portfolios is severely limited. Indeed, even if they were blessed with sufficient time with which to do so, many of them do not possess the degree of expertise required to achieve their financial goals, particularly given the interdependencies and volatility that characterize today’s markets.

This is where Lead Capital Partners’ extensive experience and market knowledge is most valuable.  Your capital is lodged with us in fully-segregated client accounts and, by granting us carefully limited authority to make investment decisions with regard to your portfolio, you can pursue your life secure in the knowledge that our highly-qualified and experienced portfolio managers are working diligently to ensure that your investment objectives are achieved.

Non-Discretionary Management

In spite of or, perhaps, as a result of the global financial crisis nearly a decade ago, an increasing number of Lead Capital Partners clients come to us with some level of understanding of the financial markets. Consequently, a growing number of these individuals express a desire to maintain control of their portfolios and the investments therein. Capital is lodged with us in fully-segregated client accounts but, ultimately, the final sanction on whether or not an investment is made remains with the client; not with us!

Nevertheless, such is the depth of Lead Capital Partners’ understanding of and insight into the marketplace, these clients implicitly trust in our ability to evaluate potential opportunities with greater confidence and, consequently, deliver better results than they might otherwise achieve on their own.

Lead Capital Partners helps these clients by bringing attractive opportunities like initial public offerings and niche exchange-traded products to their attention and providing an additional, more dispassionate assessment of potential investments they may have discovered via their own efforts.