business_topOur dominant objective at Lead Capital Partners has been and continues to be to develop a culture of excellence and to nurture the conditions in which our people are able to perform at their very best. We pay particular attention to several areas so that our practice and, of course, the service and returns our clients enjoy, continue to improve:

  • Mutual Goals: We feel passionately that having a vision of greatness that is shared by all our personnel inspires, motivates and permeates throughout our organization.

  • Personal Excellence: Each member of our team holds themselves accountable and assumes complete responsibility for the impact their role has upon the overall performance of the practice.

  • Community: Building an environment in which trust, respect, pride, tradition and loyalty are held in the highest regard leads to a superior level of engagement between personnel that can only result in positive benefits for clients.

  • Exceeding Expectations: As a company, we insist that our staff strive to demonstrate creativity, flair, intuition and an entrepreneurial approach.

Symbiotic Approach

Lead Capital Partners only employ individuals who, like us, are motivated by these key values and, as a result, have created a unique place to work and grow.

At Lead Capital Partners, our investment teams have a near-symbiotic approach to investing. They draw on each other’s experience, knowledge and insight and specialist units can call on support from the broader organization.

This structure has enjoyed tremendous success, giving the teams an almost organic flexibility and agility in decision-making. This methodology has given them an environment in which they can commit their time to doing what they do best – investing.

Our symbiotic culture has enabled us to attract and retain some of the market’s best investment professionals and, in addition, we encourage them to align their own personal interests with those of the firm and our clients by becoming stakeholders in the practice.

Small But Perfectly-formed

Lead Capital Partners deliberately keeps teams small and agile. This extracts the best out of each individual’s talent and skill and means that we avoid the unwieldy so-called “investment committees” and excessively bureaucratic processes that afflict so many of our rivals.

Similarly, we refrain from creating a “star manager” culture that can tend to confer a celebrity-like status on an individual and encourage maverick-type behavior from his or her colleagues. Instead, our compact teams are collectively committed to the task of generating strong returns and deftly mitigating risk as a cohesive unit.

We believe that absolute return investment managers like ourselves will persist in attracting the brightest people in the investment community. As our industry has flourished, the disparity between returns realized by superior and those by mediocre managers has widened considerably, highlighting the need for scrupulous manager and asset selection.

In our view, it is managers who are decoupled from the all-too-ubiquitous requirement to closely reflect investments or stocks held on the recognized indices, and are therefore free to follow their ‘best research ideas’, that tend to have far greater focus on investment disciplines, portfolio construction and performance.