iStock_000003811563SmallLead Capital Partners is an independent investment management practice founded on the philosophy that an active, opportunistic and adaptable approach to investing provides our clients with the best chance for the realization of long-term positive returns irrespective of prevailing market environments.
It is our firm belief that the “buy and hold” investment strategy that has traditionally served investors to such great effect over the decades can, now, lead to significant losses in bear markets, or to little or no profit in markets that persist in trading in ranges unless they are actively managed by seasoned professionals such as those at Lead Capital Partners.

Traditional investment mandates tend to be fairly rigid and this often serves to limit a manager’s ability to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise. Additionally, their ability to manage risk effectively suffers for the simple reason they are not able to deploy the full range of tools and instruments available to investors to help offset investment risk. Our flexible and active philosophy allows us to take advantage of innovative and, often unique, investment opportunities as they become available.


About You

We Advocate Mutual Compatibility

Many of our competitors go to extreme lengths to explain why they are your best choice but here at Lead Capital Partners, we believe that this compatibility works both ways.

As long-term value investors we want our clients to understand that we do not pursue the “quick buck” nor do we engage in highly-speculative activities. Similarly, we advise prospective clients expecting triple digit gains in unrealistically short timeframes to look elsewhere. We have an innate desire to maximize returns for our clients but not at the risk of catastrophic loss in assets or markets that feature excessive volatility.

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our practice and we ask our clients for the same in return.

Highest Levels Of Service

Of course, our clients deserve and receive a high level of service and unprecedented access to the portfolio managers who dutifully manage their investments but you’ll find that our investment professionals are not alone in holding themselves to the highest possible standard. The highly-trained administrative teams supporting their efforts are always at hand to help you with inquiries and provide documentation as requested. We use jargon-free, plain-language in all our communications with you and, in the event our administrators miss a call, they undertake to contact you within 24 hours.